Roxana Fabris


Roxana Fabris is BSc in Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana. She also coursed a Diploma in Senior Management from the same university. She has worked in the housing industry, real estate development, infrastructure, and the construction industry. As well, she has specialized in topics related to communication, as well as the creation and management of business plans.

Since 2017, she became the Executive President of Construyendo y Creciendo, a not-for-profit aimed to provide development opportunities through education and training, to construction workers. Its objective is to improve their quality of life.

From 2000, along with the newspaper El Economista, she has developed an editorial project aimed at disseminating the values of the construction and housing industries. The project has been consolidated by the following specialized publications: Construction, Housing, Plusvalía, and Specialized Credit. Roxana has been the editor of the publications as well as of more than 30 books.

In 2002, along with BSc in Architecture, Horacio Urbano, she founded Centro Urbano. It is a communication group that has the greatest impact on the national real estate sector, due to a solid portfolio of specialized media in websites, magazines, newspapers, books, events, and projects of Redes. Currently, she holds the General Director position.

Sandra Libeth Diaz Rojas

Sandra Libeth Diaz Rojas

Deputy Director General of Administration

Sandra Díaz is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). She studies BSc in Accountancy at the Higher School of Commerce and Administration of the National Polytechnic Institute.

She has worked in the Civil Society Organizations’ field for five years. Currently, she holds the Director of Administration position at Construyendo y Creciendo, an organization that provides second hand educational opportunities to construction workers. It is aimed to improve their quality of life.

During her career path, she has implemented control and supervision strategies, allowing to achieve objectives on Operation, Human Resources, and Finance.

Cecilia Galicia García


Cecilia Galicia García has a degree in Social Work, graduated from UNAM with a Master’s Degree in Social Responsibility from the Anahuac University.

He has more than 15 years of experience working with Civil Associations, he collaborated for 10 years in Caritas A.C. She has worked at Construyendo y Creciendo for 8 years, and has served as an advisor, Classroom Coordinator and Educational Manager, she is currently our Educational and Operations Director.

Their work is focused on supervising the educational operation of the classrooms, linking with educational institutions, monitoring the performance of advisors, and systematizing the information generated within the classrooms. Among his achievements in the Foundation are the operation of the classrooms nationwide, as well as the implementation of remote care.


Administrative areas

Marisol Cruz

Administration manager

Héctor Quijas

Educational Manager

Josué Rangel

Fundraising Manager

Miguel Córdova

Communication Manager